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are the filters you use safe?

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For sterilization filters used in the pharmaceutical process, an important factor in evaluating the filter media/filter device isSecurity. Filter manufacturers usually provide information about filter components.andtoxicityinformation, including the source of animal-derived components.





filters shall not have toxic effects on the treated filter media, and filter manufacturers usually usePharmacopoeia methodstandardized tests to identify filters. The filter extract or actual filter sample is usually introduced into the animal or cell culture system for detection, the reactivity of the animal or cell culture to the test article is evaluated, andtoxicological safetypre-determined acceptance criteria for comparison. The results of these tests are usually included inFilter Validation Guide.






animal-derived materials


filter manufacturers often disclose information about animal-derived materials used in the production of filters. There is essentially no risk of transmission of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) and other diseases using tallow-derived stearate. In general, the production process for the production of tallow and tallow derivatives should be very strict and at least meet or exceed the corresponding safety requirements.














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