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Process Development and Application Laboratory

Product R&D Related Testing

  • R&D testing support for the company's catalogproducts
  • R&D testing support for customized products developed according to the requirements of customer


Product Selection and Filterability Testing

  • Testing of product selected by the customer on site and recommendation of scheme
  • Training on the experimental operation of sterile/depth filtration, ultrafiltration products
  • Design considerations for sterile filtration systems


Process Scale-up Support & Training on Product Use

  • Integrity testing procedures
  • Precautions for the use, sterilization and operation of filter
  • Training on the use and operation of depth filter and holder
  • Training on the use of hollow fiber, ultrafiltration filter and holder


Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting of integrity testing issues
  • Troubleshooting of usage issues with sterilizing,depth filtration products, ultrafiltration products, and other filtration products