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Alioth deep filtrationseries products, with excellent and stable product performance, escort the safe production of drugs for pharmaceutical enterprises.




Alidep® Laboratory Scale Depth Filter Introduction


Alioth Alidep® laboratory-scale depth filters are mainly suitable Laboratory Small ScaleClarification and filtration of fermentation feed liquid,0.1 μm-20 μm accuracy range, it provides more options for the clarification of the feed liquid in the research and development stage.

Alidep® laboratory-scale depth filter is mainly composed of cellulose, filter aid and positive charge resin. It has strong dirt holding capacity, can intercept intact cells and cell fragments step by step, reduce turbidity, effectively adsorb impurities such as DNA,HCP, endotoxin, etc., and reduce the pressure of subsequent purification.

Alidep® laboratory scale depth filter has a good linear scale-up relationship with Alidep® production scale depth filter, it can escort the user from the research and development stage to the production stage of clarification and filtration.

Product Features:

  • Applicable to 2-30L of material liquid clarification

  • residual volume is small, can fully recover the target product, improve the recovery rate

  • linear amplification is good, can be directly amplified to the production scale of deep filter

  • medium, targeted process development according to the characteristics of feed liquid

  • Strict production control and release testing, reliable performance, solid structure, reduce process risk

  • small size, easy to operate

Typical applications:

  • CHO cell culture medium clarification

  • Vaccine Manufacturing Process Clarification Steps

  • Yeast fermentation broth (after centrifugation) clarification

  • Plasmid Production Process Clarification Step (E. coli Lysate)

  • lentivirus, adeno-associated virus culture medium clarification

  • Clarification of other complex feed liquids



Application Case


single-stage filter test results:


For the Escherichia coli feed liquid, 1000L scale, 5 pieces of 1.1m2depth filter can meet the process requirements. According to the pressure difference and turbidity change curve, the end pressure difference is <14.5psi, the mixed turbidity is <20NTU, and the clarification filtration can be completed within 2h.



Sample Application Channel


For more product information, click on the link to download the product manual:

Alidep® Depth Filter.pdf

If you need to apply for sample testing, please scan the following two-dimensional code: