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New product launch | Alidep® Depth Stacked Filter for pharmaceutical process clarification



New Product Release


Alioth Alidep® Depth Stacked Filter shas officially hit the market, offering a range of sizes and specifications to assist in clarifying pharmaceutical processes and safeguarding the quality and safety of drug production.




Alidep® Depth Stacked Filter



Alioth Alidep® Depth Stacked Filters are primarily used for the clarification step in pharmaceutical processes, with stainless steel filter housing to achieve filtration. There are a variety of sizes to meet the customer's use.

Depth stacked filters have a variety of filter media combinations. Filter media are mainly composed of cellulose, filter aid and positive-charged resins or pure cellulose, and thus have high throughput. Filters can be used in cell culture clarification and provide gradual retentions of cells to reduce turbidity and effectively absorb impurities such as DNA, HCP, endotoxin etc.,reducing the challenges to subsequent purification steps.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple size specifications and customized according to customer needs.

  • Flexible media selection to optimize customer product development.

  • Adapted to current mainstream filter housing and systems.

  • Strict production control and release testing, reliable performance, and low process risk.


Typical Applications

  • Clarification of CHO cell culture fluid
  • Clarification in vaccine production process
  • Clarification of yeast fermentation broth
  • Clarification of other material liquids

Product Specifications

Product series 16 inch 8 cells 16 inch 10 cells 16 inch other
Effective filtration area (EFA) 1.8m2 2.3m2 Optional
Overall dimension (mm) 184 mm 275 mm -
Filter Media Filter Media Cellulose, Filter Aid, Resin or Cellulose
Frame and Supporter Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene
Stainless Steel Band 316L
O-ring Silicone
Particle Challenge Particle Intercept>90%
Max Operation Pressure 3.0 bar @ RT
Max Pressure Differential Forward:2.0bar@RT
Reverse:not recommended
Endurance to Sterilization SIP: 123℃ 30min, 3cycles
Indirect Food Additive The raw materials of all Alidep® Depth Stacked Filter components comply with the requirements forfood additives in FDA 21 CFR 177-182.
Toxicity The raw materials of all Alidep® Depth Stacked Filter components meet the requirements for in vivo biological safety of Class VI plastics in USP <88>.
Bacterial endotoxin Endotoxin level of rinsing liquid is < 0.25 EU/mL, which complies with the requirements for water for injection in Chinese Pharmacopoeia and United States Pharmacopoeia.




Alidep® Depth Filter



In addition to Alidep® Depth Stacked Filter, Alidep® Depth Filters have been developed from laboratory and pilot level to production scale, playing a vital role in the clarification step of pharmaceutical processes, especially with their disposable design, which provides greater flexibility for large-scale production.




Sample Application Channel



Alioth Depth filtration series products, with excellent and stable product performance, escort the safe production of drugs for pharmaceutical companies.


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