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New product launch | Alipore® TAHF PTFE Capsule Filter


New product launch

Alioth upholds the product development concept of DbA (Development by Application) and constantly deepens its exploration in the field of sterilization and filtration technology driven by terminal applications.

After continuous innovation and research and development, Alipore® TAHF polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hydrophobic sterilizing filters, namely Alicap® L-type capsule filter (0.5, 1, 2, 4-inch specifications, high temperature resistance), is now officially available on the market. With stable performance and diversified size specifications, this product aims to meet the diverse needs of different pharmaceutical processes for filters, providing solid guarantees for the safe production of pharmaceuticals.




 Alipore® TAHF  Alicap® L-type Capsule Filter


The Alioth Alipore® TAHF series features a hydrophobic and chemically inert PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) filter membrane. This product efficiently retains microorganisms and particles in wet or humid gas through stringent liquid bacteria retention verification. It offers high strength and resistance to multiple steam sterilizations in place. The TAHF series is suitable for sterile gas filtration and organic solvent filtration with strict quality requirements in pharmaceutical applications.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Natural hydrophobic material

  • High gas flux and low-pressure drop

  • Reliable bacterial retention and particles removal ability

  • Excellent chemical compatibility


Typical Applications

  • Sterile gas filtration

  • VentSterile filtration of organic solvents



 Alipore® TAHF Cartridge Filter


The Alipore® TAHF PTFE hydrophobic sterilization-grade filter is excellent and comprehensive, covering the Alipore® TAHF Alicap® L-type capsule sterilization-grade filters and the Alipore® TAHF sterilization-grade cartridge filters.


Alipore® TAHF sterilization-grade cartridge filters come in various specifications, including 5 inches, 10 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches, etc., to meet the needs of different scales of pharmaceutical processes. Cartridge cartridges are available in a variety of sizes, including 5 inch, 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, etc., to meet the needs of different sizes of pharmaceutical processes. These filters not only have excellent performance in gas sterilization and filtration, but also are suitable for filtering organic solvents, ensuring strict quality control in the pharmaceutical process.



Sample Application Channel


Alioth always prioritizes customer needs and continuously supports the pharmaceutical industry in achieving higher standards of quality control and production efficiency through continuous technological innovation and product upgrades.


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