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Alioth Disposable Connector Kit

Product Introduction

Alioth Disposable Straight-through Connector and Blind-plug Connector Sets, which are made from polypropylene, can enable the correct installation of depth filter and meet the requirements of depth filtration process when used with Alidep Depth Filter and holders.


Product Properties

  • Good chemical compatibility, with a tolerance range of pH 1-14
  • Good pressure resistance and sealing performance
  • Single use recommended
  • Stable performance, sturdy structure and durable service
  • Available in straight-through and blind-plug connectors


Ordering Information

Order No. Product description Package available
for ordering
KITORING 3 straight-through connectors,
3 blind-plug connectors
1 = 1 /PK
KITORING 6 6 connectors 1 = 1 /PK


For further information, please contact us and Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.