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Loading Test Device by Constant Pressure Model

Product Introduction

Alioth Loading Test Device by Constant Pressure Model (Vmax) is an accelerated experiment that uses a peristaltic pump as the source of power to maintain a constant flow rate. It is an experimental method that can determine filter capacity using a small volume of material liquid in a short period of time. The Vmax testing device developed by Alioth is a convenient, flexible, low-cost, and efficient experimental apparatus for pre-filtering/terminal filtration and selection.


Product Properties

  • Simple and easy assembling
  • Convenient and efficient operation
  • Enable quick selection with few labor resources and short experimental time
  • Require a small volume of material liquid
  • Particularly suitable for early-stage research or situations in which the material liquid is precious and limited

Product Applications

  • Vmax testing


Product Ordering

Order No. Product description Package quantity
KITVMAX01 Vmax testing device 1 / PK


For further information, please contact us and Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.