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Centrifugal filter (PES)

Product Introduction

Centrifugal filters also known as ultrafiltration tubes, R&D filtration devices, which are often used in scenarios like concentration, buffer replacement, and desalination, providing a very convenient way for small-volume sample ultrafiltration. It is commonly found in ultrafiltration of liquids from a few milliliters to several hundred milliliters. The PES filter membrane with mature and stable, wide compatibility and low protein adsorption, coupled with the vertical design and larger filtration area, can process experimental liquids very quickly and conveniently.


Product Properties

  • PES membrane is mature and stable, wide compatibility and low protein adsorption;
  • Strict quality control is implemented in accordance with ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 standards;
  • Stable performance, strong and durable;
  • Multi choice on pore size: 5 / 10 / 30 / 50 / 100 KD
  • Multi choice on liquid volume: 0.5 / 5 / 15 mL
  • Safe materials: tube is PP, tube cap is HDPE, centrifugal filter part is MBS, filter membrane is PES, all of components are match USP CLASS VI;
  • DNase Free、RNase Free、 Nonthermal source
  • The tube body has a scale mark and a writing area for easy observation and marking notes.


Typical Applications

  • Concentration
  • Desalination
  • Buffer exchange
  • Protein dialysis


Ordering Information

Item Pore Size Volume filter surface max. liquid in filter Package
UF05K05M25 5KD 0.5 mL 0.65 cm2 Eixed-Angle-Rotor
25 / PK
UF10K05M25 10KD
UF30K05M25 30KD
UF50K05M25 50KD
UF1BK05M25 100KD
UF05K5mL24 5KD 5 mL 3.5 cm2 Eixed-Angle-Rotor
24 / PK
UF10K5mL24 10KD
UF30K5mL24 30KD
UF50K5mL24 50KD
UF1BK5mL24 100KD
UF05K15M08 5KD 15 mL 9.7 cm2 Eixed-Angle-Rotor
8 / PK
UF10K15M08 10KD
UF30K15M08 30KD
UF50K15M08 50KD
UF1BK15M08 100KD
UF05K15M24 5KD 15 mL 9.7 cm2 Eixed-Angle-Rotor
24 / PK
UF10K15M24 10KD
UF30K15M24 30KD
UF50K15M24 50KD
UF1BK15M24 100KD



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