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Single-layer Cartridge Filter (PES 0.2μm)

Product Introduction

Alioth Alipore® DHF Single-layer Cartridge Filter is a 0.2μm single-layer polyethersulfone (PES) filter that can efficiently retain bacteria (LRV > 6) and particulate contaminants. It has wide chemical compatibility and low leaching level, thus suitable for the bioburden control and pre-filtration of various fluids. It can provide more effective protection at different stages of bioprocess, prolonging the service life of sterilizing filters and safeguarding other processing systems. This filter is produced in a controlled environment, and its manufacturing process conforms to ISO9001 quality system standards. Each cartridge filter undergoes an integrity testing during the process of manufacturing.


Product Properties

  • High flow rate, high capacity
  • Verified bioburden control capability
  • Withstand multiple cycles of sterilization
  • Wide chemical compatibility


Typical Applications

  • Bioburden control
  • Filtration of terminally sterilized products
  • Filtration of clarified cell culture fluid
  • Pre-filtration for column protection
  • Intermediate product filtration
  • Pre-filtration before terminal sterilization, etc.


Flow Characteristics

Product Characteristics

Size (i.e., length) 10 inch / 20 inch / 30 inch
Structural Materials

Filter membrane:Hydrophilic polyethersulfone

Supporting layer:Polypropylene


Cartridge body and end caps:Polypropylene


Pore size 0.2 μm
Bacterial retention > 106 / 10inch B. diminuta ( ATCC® 19146™ )
Filtration area 10 inch 0.66 m2 / 20 inch 1.32 m2/ 30 inch 1.98 m2
Maximum tolerated differential
pressure during operation
Forward: 5 bar ( 72.5 psi ) @ 25℃ / 1.5 bar ( 21.75 psi ) @ 80℃ / Reverse: 2 bar ( 29 psi ) @ 25℃
Bubble point > 3180 mbar
Sterilization parameters 135℃, 30 minutes, 20 cycles of high-pressure sterilization or 10 cycles of sterilization in place
Biological safety All the construction components of this cartridge comply with the requirements for biological safety of Class Vl plastics in current USP < 88 >
Indirect food additive The primary construction components of this cartridge comply with the reguirements for food contact materials as stipulated in EU 1935 / 2004 / EC and FDA 21 CFR 177-182
Cleanliness Cleanliness meets the requirements for nonfiber releasing filter as specified in FDA 21 CFR 211.72 and 210.3 (b) (5) (6), and the level of insoluble particles in rinsing liquid meets the requirements of USP < 788 >
Endotoxin The endotoxin level of cartridge rinsing liquid is < 0.25 EU/mL as indicated by gel method, which complies with the requirements of USP < 85 >
Integrity Each filter has passed the integrity test
Manufacturing environment All filters are manufactured in a Class 100,000 clean workshop
TOC / Conductivity TOC < 0.5 mg/L, Conductivity < 1.3 μS/cm


Ordering Information

For further information, please contact us and Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.