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Sterilizing-Grade Capsule Filter(PTFE 0.2μm)

Product Introduction

The Alioth Alipore® TAHF series features a hydrophobic and chemically inert PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) filter membrane. This product efficiently retains microorganisms and particles in wet or humid gas through stringent liquid bacteria retention verification. It offers high strength and resistance to multiple steam sterilizations in place. The TAHF series is suitable for sterile gas filtration and organic solvent filtration with strict quality requirements in pharmaceutical applications.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Natural hydrophobic material
  • High gas flux and low-pressure drop
  • Reliable bacterial retention and particles removal ability
  • Excellent chemical compatibility


Typical Applications

  • Sterile gas filtration
  • VentSterile filtration of most organic solvents


Typical Flow Characteristics

Air Flow Rate and Pressure Drop -Alipore® TAHF 0.2μm Cartridge Filters

Air Flow Rate and Pressure Drop -Alipore® TAHF 0.2μm Alicap L300 Capsule Filters



Ordering Information

For further information, please contact us and Alioth technical team will provide a comprehensive service for your filtration process.